Jeans for men under 5'10

How Under 5’10 honors their mission with Loop

By partnering with Loop, the men’s apparel brand Under 5’10 offers free returns and exchanges to their customers.


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“We’re now able to offer free returns and exchanges thanks to Loop,” says Chayim Cohen, Product Manager at Under 5’10.


Under 5’10 is an apparel brand exclusively designed for men under 5’10 – the average American male height.

Started in May 2018 by Elie Robinson, Under 5’10 aims to make high quality, properly fitting clothing for shorter men. Robinson was initially inspired after spending years as a frustrated 5’7 male shopper unable to find properly fitting clothes, and was encouraged to learn that there are 32 million men in the U.S. who are under 5’10.

Today, Under 5’10 produces shirts, joggers, shorts – and much more – in typically harder to find inseam lengths like 25, 26, 27, and 28 inches, and sleeve lengths that fit short men properly. 

Granting shorter men access to properly fitting clothes is one thing, but it’s a whole other set of challenges to offer them a delightful return and exchange experience.

Since partnering with Loop, Under 5’10’s achieved:

  • 32% of revenue retained from returns 
  • 40% of exchanges through Instant Exchange
  • $1.09 average upsell per return
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved automated return processing
“We can now identify sizing guide inconsistencies or manufacturing errors and fix them in no time,” says Cohen.


Simply put, it’s hard to find clothes that fit people under 5’10.

There’s big and tall stores out there, but not everyone who is big is tall, nor vice versa; and the shorter equivalent did not exist.

That’s how Under 5’10 was founded, under the same frustration, but with the inspiration to create a viable solution.

Originally, Under 5’10 started with one retail location in Long Island, New York, then expanded to Brooklyn before finding themselves more focused on their Shopify store. Whether in-store or online, their mission remains the same: Making properly fitting clothes at great prices for men under 5’10.

Unfortunately, that mission became difficult to continue post-purchase. Their previous return solution was too rigid and didn’t allow for the kind of flexibility they were looking for. The customer facing process was confusing and not user-friendly, and the data they were receiving was unreliable.

“Not having the ability to offer easy, reliable exchanges made things really difficult,” says Cohen.


Once onboard, Under 5’10 immediately noticed the difference from a user-experience standpoint – returns were seamless, smooth, and easy to self-process.

Plus, they gained access to impactful data that allows them to better understand where they may be missing the mark on their products, and proactively solve those issues.

In particular, the Studs team were drawn to two of Loop’s additional features: Shop Now and Instant Exchange.

  • Shop Now enables customers to shop across Under 5’10’s entire real-time inventory when considering a product exchange, leading to a seamless exchange process with endless potential for upsells, as customers have the chance to consider any product in the store. 

  • Instant Exchange grants Under 5’10 customers the chance to instantly exchange their unwanted item prior to shipping their return – all while being risk-free for Under 5’10 since they automatically place a hold-charge on the customer’s credit card until they receive their item back.

These products and features all lead to higher customer retention rates and upsell values per return, but they more than that; they help Under 5’10 accomplish their mission.

Today, Under 5’10 offers free returns and exchanges thanks to Loop, and they’ve seen a marked difference in our business because of it. 

They’re retaining more revenue while keeping their customers happier by offering them risk-free purchases so they can try before they buy to ensure their clothes fit properly. 

“We’re grateful for all the great things we can do together, and are excited to see how much more Loop can positively impact our business,” says Cohen.