Improve Your Exchanges

When shoppers choose exchanges over refunds, they’re more likely to leave a positive review, refer friends, and start a long-term love affair with your brand. In this way, and with ample upsell opportunities, we transform your returns from a cost center into a profit center. It’s all about helping your store succeed.

Exchange Optimized Flow, for new size, color or another item

Help shoppers find the right versions of your products

When your shoppers have the wrong color or the wrong size, Loop helps them find the right replacement with easy one-click exchanges. And naturally, we sync with your inventory, so shoppers always see what’s in stock.

Turn lost revenue into new sales

Turn lost revenue into new sales

Only Loop has Shop Now, which allows your shoppers to apply the value of their current return order to get any other products they want—and the experience feels just like shopping.

Turning refunds into exchanges is 10x more impactful than reducing return costs. With Shop Now, you can convert the disappointment of a refund into the thrill of a new order. Win-win.

Use bonus credits and strategic shipping fees to encourage exchanges

Use bonus credits and strategic shipping fees to encourage exchanges

A great way to retain revenue is to incentivize exchanges over refunds. You can do the same by choosing how much bonus credit, if any, to offer those who decide to exchange.

You can also choose when to charge shipping for returns. You can encourage exchanges by only charging for refunds, for instance. With Loop, you decide how you want to motivate your shoppers.

Instant exchange form

Drive loyalty with Instant Exchanges

Create a lasting impression by sending shoppers their exchange before they’ve shipped their return. Completely risk-free.

Retain more by offering credit alongside refunds

Maximize shopper retention by offering refunds as Shopify Gift Cards. If customers choose not to Shop Now, they’ll still be able to come back later to find what they want.

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See how your store stacks up

We analyzed more than 1,500 brands and over 10 million returns to show you how your brand compares to industry competitors.