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Loop is a return management app that grows with Shopify brands. And makes returns stress-free for you and your shoppers.

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“We didn’t realize how much revenue could be generated through returns until we integrated with Loop.”

Matthew Solusod – eComm Customer Service Manager

“Loop has been a great partner and resource for us. We love LOOP!!!”

YuJin Yong – VP, Digital Product

“Thanks to Loop, we’ve been able to scale our business and move into bigger markets.”

Jake Makin – Ecommerce Manager

Profitable returns


We built Loop to fix returns so you can focus on growing your business and making the cool stuff people like us love to shop for–again and again.

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“More than ever, profitability needs to be a core focus for brands–and Loop helps make returns profitable.”

– Kyle Hency, Co-Founder

“It’s comforting to know when a customer initiates a return they’ll be taken care of by Loop.”

– Mike Wu, Director of Customer Experience

“Loop’s allowed us to Wow! the shit out of our customers during returns.”

– LSKD, Continuous Improvement
Aviator Nation

Since partnering with Loop, Aviator Nation has been able to lower their refund rate by 11% and increase upsells and exchanges.

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By partnering with Loop, the Australian-based footwear company Bstore has improved their bottom line and customer satisfaction scores.

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By partnering with Loop, the jewelry company Studs continues to scale thanks to the additional retained revenue they generate on over 20% of their returns.

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By The Numbers

Find out how your returns stack up against similar Shopify brands—return rates, refund rates, retention rates, and upsell value per return broken down across ten verticals.

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