Ecommerce Returns Benchmark Report


The biggest Shopify returns report of the year is finally here!


We analyzed 1,500 brands+ and nearly 10 million returns to show you how your brand stacks up in the industry.


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  • How ecommerce returns are trending at a macro level
  • Industry benchmarks for apparel, footwear, accessories, and more!
  • The factors contributing to superior return processes
  • What you can do to optimize returns for your brand


Returns Benchmark

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Brands by vertical

The biggest Shopify returns benchmark yet

1500+ brands | 10M returns

Dive in to see how refund rates, exchange rates, and upsell value per return breaks down across our nine largest verticals. Plus, get the inside scoop on the retention strategies fueling success at our top performing merchants.

Embracing the exchange

In 2021 ecommerce generated over $1 trillion in sales—and 21% of those sales ended up as returns. But that’s not all bad. Returns happen, and if you get them right, you have your best new channel for customer retention.

Loop’s merchants convert 29.7% of returns into exchanges on average. On top of that, they generate $1.82 in upsell value per return. And there’s a lot more where that comes from. Pick up the benchmark and let the numbers speak for themselves!

Get your returns right

How are you tracking on your growth goals?

Returns are unavoidable. But getting them right can be the newest tool in your arsenal to nail your goals by delighting your customers and boosting revenue retention.

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