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How Bstore reached an NPS rating of 95 through returns with Loop

By partnering with Loop, the Australian-based footwear company Bstore has improved their bottom line and customer satisfaction scores.


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“Between saving time processing returns and our newfound access to powerful returns data, we’ve been able to expand into new markets,” says Jake Makin, Ecommerce Manager at Bstore.


Bstore sells fashionable women’s and men’s shoes you can wear all day, including international and Australian brands such as Birkenstock, Elska, FitFlop, and Teva.

Founded in 2001, Bstore was inspired by a single thought: Have you noticed how much happier you feel when you’re wearing comfortable shoes?

At its simplest, Bstore sources stylish and comfortable shoes for their customers, and their strict criteria for trends, comfort, and durability has helped them fill a gap in the market. For example, today they’re the largest Birkenstock retailer in Australia.

Bstore offers a range of sneakers, flats, sandals, slides, boots, and waterproof boots through both their online Shopify store and their seven locations across Australia. They currently have hopes of continuing to expand across Australia, and in the future, internationally.

Since partnering with Loop, Bstore’s achieved:

  • 50% of revenue retained from returns 
  • 550 hours saved in manual labor
  • $3.65 average upsell per return
  • Higher NPS survey results, 95 rating
  • Improved automated return processing
“Today, our self-service returns delight our customers,” says Makin.


Bstore is very selective with their brands because they care about their customers. In-store, they like providing a tailored experience for their customers; they ask them about their work, hobbies, and general needs for their footwear, and make recommendations based on those answers.

That philosophy’s carried over to their Shopify store – just because it’s digital doesn’t mean they aren’t focused on a great customer experience; quite the opposite, actually, they believe it to be even more important since there isn’t a human touch point.

Unfortunately, that exceptional, seamless experience ended with returns since prior to partnering with Loop, they were manually processing 100% of their returns.

It was an exhaustive, cumbersome process that demanded far too many resources – placing a significant strain on their customer support team, and hindering their ability to scale their business. 

Manual returns also left them without the data necessary to better understand return reasons which could’ve better informed their decision making processes. Plus, they were forced to charge for return labels, which caused customer frustration and dissatisfaction – that is, until they found Loop.

“I initially thought Loop looked too good to be true, so after I booked a demo, I was seriously impressed by your platform,” says Makin.


Once Bstore onboarded with Loop, they began to see a marked difference in their returns process.

Their returns went from manual to automated, alleviating their customer service team while saving time and money. They gained access to reliable, trustworthy, and granular return data enabling them to make better informed decisions as they scale.

Bstore’s team was particularly drawn to one of Loop’s additional features: Shop Now.

  • Shop Now enables Bstore to empower their customers to shop across their entire real-time inventory when considering a product exchange, leading to a seamless exchange process with endless potential for upsells. This is especially important for their brand since shoes are notoriously difficult to accurately self-size online, so an easy and wonderful exchange process is crucial.

Bstore also customized their return and exchange rules to better align with their commitment to providing a delightful customer experience. Plus, they ceased charging for return labels, directly impacting their customer happiness.

Their customers thought the return process was easy and seamless, confirming how Loop not only positively impacts our bottom line, but also enables us to extend our top-notch customer experience philosophy to the returns space.

“We recently set an NPS survey to 6,000 customers who’d processed a return and the feedback we got was amazing: we received a 95 rating,” says Makin.