What is Sustainable Packaging?

Many companies are asking this important question: what makes a packaging concept sustainable? The answer is not as complicated as you may think.

For sustainable packaging, here are four criterions that should be met :

  • The material is sourced sustainably
  • The disposal options support recycling and/or composting
  • The design and size are optimized 
  • Reduce carbon footprint

In this article, we will look at what sustainable packaging is, and why it is important for brands to switch to packaging that is sustainable if they haven’t already. Furthermore, We will also share tips on how you can create a sustainable packaging strategy for your business. 

In general terms, sustainable packaging is packaging that is eco-friendly and hence safer for the environment. It reduces carbon footprint and environmental impact. 

Due to the rise in world population, there is a need for climate-oriented activities. So, it is important for business activities to meet present needs. 

Yet, it must not affect the chances of future generations to meet their own needs.  Since 1950, the world’s population has tripled. As of 2020, there were about 7.75 billion people in the world.

With the growth of developing countries, the human population will still grow in the coming decades. According to a United Nations global population forecast, it may reach 10.87 billion by 2100. 

Since this is our only liveable planet, we all have a role in preserving the environment. One way businesses can help is by using sustainable packaging. 

These packaging supplies reduce carbon emissions. They also reduce other harmful practices that affect the environment. Many buyers even prefer to buy products with sustainable materials.

The market value of sustainable or green packaging in 2019 was about 178.6 billion dollars. Experts estimate the value to reach 246.3 billion dollars by 2025. 

If you are a sustainable brand, you will get more customers and brand loyalty. Many studies have shown that consumers now focus on sustainability. They consider it when choosing brands to patronize.

A recent survey shows that 60% of Gen Z buyers prefer sustainable options. All over the world, people are now aware that there is a lot of suffering caused by the brands they buy from.

Let’s analyze what makes packaging sustainable and why is it important to switch to this eco-friendly practice to make your brand grow: 

  • The material is sourced sustainably

A good trademark is to look for companies that are FSC certified. FSC is a global certification system that provides forest management and chain of custody certificates. Having a stamp indicating that your packaging materials are eco-friendly on your product is very important. If you’re not doing this, you may have lost more than a quarter of your customers already.

FSC is a global certification system that provides forest management and chain of custody certificates.

Before these certificates are issued, FSC must have checked the way packaging materials are sourced and used. This means your consumers are confident about what they are buying.

Here in Arka, all our products are FSC certified, and this is part of our commitment to sustaining our environment. Our customers are confident because they know we source our packaging materials reasonably.

The growing popularity of managed forests and issuance of FSC certifications is changing the face of packaging. Today, the choice of packaging materials is no longer as spontaneous as it used to be. Even if there’s a place for such, there are now many reasons why you don’t want to try it. According to a report, 8 in 10 consumers expect brands to ensure that the wood or paper products they sell do not contribute to deforestation. 

  • The disposal options support recycling and/or composting

Many companies are into using recycled content from post-consumer and post-industrial sources for packaging. We expect that fewer new materials will be used in future packaging.

Brands are aware that the use of recycled content can help them achieve their sustainable packaging goals, and they don’t mind investing in this area.

For example, companies like Total, Nestle, and Mars are partnering to develop oil from mixed flexible packaging that will be used to produce new polymers.

  • The design and size are optimized 

The dimensions, size and design are optimized with sustainable packaging. The reason behind this is that eco-friendly packaging reduces waste significantly. It allows you to use computer systems to choose the right width, size, length, and height of your product packaging.

With this type of packaging, the shipping company and you can agree on the accurate shipping cost for your products. It also saves you money, while helping you maximize your resources. 

  • Reduce carbon footprint

A carbon footprint is the total amount of emissions created or caused by a person or business. It often arises during manufacturing and causes a rise in global temperatures.

The manufacturing process of sustainable packaging materials is more efficient than regular packaging. It reduces the amount of energy used in the production process.  Also, it lowers carbon dioxide, methane emissions.

On the one hand, it helps the war against pollution and positively affects climate change. On the other hand, it shows your business to consumers in a positive light

Tips to Switch to Sustainable Packaging 

Having read up to this point, you may wonder how your business can make the switch. Here are a few tips that can help:

1. Sample Packaging Options

Consider getting sample packs from reliable service providers. Look out for service providers like Arka, who have FSC and chain of custody certifications.

2. Relaunch Your Design

Switching packaging is a major shift for any business. So, you must take the implementation process seriously. Time to give your business a new look and help you to rebrand.

3. Adjust Your Prices

The new packaging option you choose may have price differences from the former one. You may even pay more for the new packaging materials and their shipping costs.

As a result, you will need to return to the drawing board. So, factor in these extra costs when fixing prices for your products.

4. Leverage Social Media

No place like social media to reach your customers and target audience to announce your big step towards being more conscious about the environmental impact of packaging and doing your part in combating climate change. 


We are hoping by now you are convinced that sustainable packaging is the only way forward for building an eco-friendly brand with honest values that has loyal customers and also saving the planet from harsh environmental impact. You can learn more about Arka’s sustainable products here and start your design.