From September 15th through October 15th, the United States pays tribute to the millions of remarkable people originating from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America who’ve shaped our nation’s culture since its earliest days during National Hispanic Heritage Month.

The event begins on September 15th in honor of independence day for the Latin American countries, Costa Rica, El Salavador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Mexico’s independence day falls on September 16th, and Chile’s is on September 18th. 

In honor of celebrating these great nations’ independence, we thought it was a great opportunity to showcase some of our favorite Hispanic-owned Shopify stores.

Take a look, find something special, and support the Latin American community with your dollars by shopping with one of these great businesses:

All for Ramon

All for Ramon is a sustainable, Latina-owned brand, founded by sisters Rocio Chavez and Diana Ibarria, in honor of their brother Ramon who died young of cancer. The clothing brand produces its essential style items at a warehouse in Los Angeles, where they focus on sustainability and ethical manufacturing. The products are all washed with low-impact dyes that don’t include toxic chemicals, and are more gentle on both their wearers and on the earth. In honor of their brother, they donate a portion of sales to the Calvin Preston Foundation, a nonprofit that supports underprivileged families with children battling cancer.

Bonita Fierce

Bonita Fierce is a line of Latin-inspired candles, founded by CEO Melissa Gallardo. Candles come in delicious scents that echo spiked coconut eggnog, strawberry candy, grapefruit tequila, and other sumptuous scents. All candles are made to order, so no two are ever the same. 


A clean haircare brand launched in 2019 by CEO and founder Babba C. Rivera, Ceremonia offers vegan, all-natural haircare products that include ingredients like yucca, guava, blue agave, and others often found in Latinx beauty products. Rivera says that the brand was inspired by growing up as a Latin American immigrant in Sweden, and feeling like she was never represented in the beauty standards she saw there. She launched the brand to bring Latinx representation to the U.S. market and help Latina women gain pride in their culture – while getting beautiful hair in the process.

Hedley & Bennett

Hedley & Bennett, a longtime Loop customer, was founded by Ellen Bennet, the daughter of a Mexican immigrant who credits her Latin roots for her strong work ethic. Bennett started her career as a professional chef in Mexico City and then L.A., and realized the aprons she was wearing in her kitchens couldn’t handle the heat. She set out to craft a better apron, and has built a business focused on providing the highest-quality aprons possible for restaurant cooks and home cooks alike. And, when COVID hit, the business was able to successfully pivot by shifting most of its production to reusable face masks. They’ve seen a 1,000% jump in online revenue as a result, and have been able to donate over 300,000 masks to health services and rescue workers under its “buy one, give one” model.

La Parea Wellness

La Parea Wellness, founded by Latina entrepreneur Samanta Moise, focuses many of its products on developing natural aromatherapy and beauty solutions for women to help them ease health concerns like migraines and menstrual cramping so that they can enjoy life to the fullest. The company offers breast care treatments for pregnancy recovery, tattoo and piercing skincare products, and a line of handmade, all-natural skincare products, among many other options. 


Founded by two best friends, Hannah Matthew Martinez and Hannah Brock Silva, Salut is a cocktail infusion company that creates infusions with natural ingredients and no added sugar, including the “espresso martini” mix, made with dates, cinnamon, oranges, and espresso beans – just add the vodka. 

Shop Latinx

Founded by CEO Brittany Chavez in 2016, Shop Latinx (SLX) is a curated marketplace dedicated to representing Latinx-crafted products for beauty, fashion, and home goods. The brand’s target audience is largely young, urban, Latina women who have the spending power to buy products they love that represent the community they come from. With products including body butters, woven bikinis, candles, home decor, and much more, SLX’s aesthetic is always cool, and never kitschy. 

Wool and Indigo

Wool and Indigo is a home goods company that features sustainable materials in their textiles, fragrances, and beauty products – their organic cotton throw blankets, for instance, are handwoven by weavers in Morocco. The company was founded by Cat Foulks, an Afro-Latina entrepreneur, who looks at Hispanic Heritage month as an  “opportunity to showcase my heritage and the resilience of our people. We come from so many different backgrounds, and the many talents we possess are endless.”

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