If your business uses Shopify’s ecommerce platform, you already know what a powerful engine it is to run your business on – but with access to all of the apps in Shopify’s App Store, you can give it a serious turbo boost.

The Shopify App store offers integrations to help you run your business from end to end, offering automated tools to support your business with operations including marketing, sourcing, fulfillment, loyalty programs, customer support, and, of course, returns (hi there!). 

If you’re new to the Shopify ecosystem, or haven’t yet explored the range of apps that can help you boost your business, we’ve rounded up the top contenders to take your brand to the next level. 


EasyPost offers a shipping API that lets you ship your products faster and more affordably, by comparing rates across all the major carriers to instantly find the best priced offer in your delivery timeframe. You can use EasyPost to automatically print shipping labels, and get real-time updates on your packages while they’re en route. When a customer needs to process a return, they can print out an EasyPost-generated shipping label, and deliver it back to your location with EasyPost’s optimized shipping route. 


Delivering a great customer experience is crucial when it comes to retaining your customers – and that means not making them wait for support or the answer to a question.

Make sure that your customers’ needs are being met by integrating a customer support app like Gorgias. Gorgias is a comprehensive help desk that pulls together customer communication data from all of your channels, and automates up to 20% of commonly asked questions to help you increase your ticket closure rate without needing additional support. When customers do need hands-on help, your agents will be able to help them more easily and efficiently with instant access to all of their customer data, including previous purchases and communications across channels – and details on any previous returns or exchanges they’ve made through Loop. 

Gorgias gives you the technology and transparency to build a seamless process for interacting with your customers – ensuring that you’ll be able to solve their problems more easily and quickly.


Klaviyo is a customer platform that lets you sync data across marketing channels to deliver highly personalized customer experiences across email and SMS marketing, with advanced segmentation that’s optimized for each customer’s unique journey. 

Klaviyo gives you the tools to automate your marketing efforts with strategies that drive more sales, boosting BFCM revenue by an average of 32%. Klaviyo also integrates Loop’s returns data, so that you can build custom workflows that help you win back customers who’ve previously returned items. Klaviyo makes it easy to understand each customer’s unique behavior, so that you have the insights to unlock more revenue and build customer loyalty.

Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that gives you the ability to integrate all of your operational data for your business in one centralized cloud-based platform, so that you can easily analyze data, create automated workflows, and optimize your efficiencies to help you cut costs. Loop’s NetSuite integration makes it easy to automatically export all of your returns data to NetSuite, so that you have clear, real-time visibility into your inventory and business finances at all times. 


If you’re expanding your business internationally, Passport is an ideal solution for powering all of your international shipments, with automatic duty and tax calculators to ensure that your shipments arrive. Customers who use Passport for international shipping and returns see up to 40% off list rates, 10 weeks faster to market, and up to 24% improved duty cash flow. Passport also works with Loop to power reverse logistics solutions for international customers who need to make returns, ensuring that packages make it back safely, quickly, and affordably from overseas. 


Rise provides opportunities for your brand to re-engage existing customers and generate new referral sales, by offering an advanced digital gift card solution. With Rise, your customers are able to instantly create branded gift cards that they can give to friends and family, or receive gift credit to put towards any items in your store. Rise integrates with Loop by enabling shoppers to choose gift credit in an exchange if they don’t want another item immediately – you can even offer them “bonus credit” to incentivize credit over a refund, so that you’re able to preserve the customer relationship.


Are you still manually handling and processing all of your inventory? That might be fine in your business’ early days, but as you scale, the demand could soon become too heavy to manage – and that’s where a 3PL (third-party logistics service) comes into play.

By using a 3PL like Whiplash, you can simply ship all of your inventory to them. They’ll store it across their warehouses, and pack and ship orders as they come in, keeping your brand updated on each transaction and changing inventory status in real time. Whiplash can help you ship your products faster and more affordably, taking advantage of their optimized warehouse locations for nationwide coverage. 

Whiplash also helps you manage and process returns easily, in partnership with Loop. When they process a return, the data is instantly integrated to your Loop dashboard, ensuring complete transparency into the returns process.

Bonus: Loop

Returns can be a headache. But they don’t have to always be that way.

That’s why Loop helps Shopify’s best brands optimize return costs, retain more revenue, and prevent return losses. All while seamlessly automating your return process, and delighting your customers.

Oh, and as an added bonus, every app mentioned on this blog is a partner of ours. Meaning you can easily integrate these apps into your tech stack and begin seeing benefits without a hitch.

By integrating popular ecommerce apps like these, you’ll be able to optimize your business and enhance efficiency in all your operations, setting you up for ongoing growth and effortless scalability.

Ready to optimize your return costs and retain more revenue? Check out a demo of Loop.